Jason Robert

Co-Founder, CEO, HelloSugoi

Jason Robert is co-founder and CEO of HelloSugoi. In June 2017, he launched the world’s first blockchain-based event ticketing platform. He’s also co-founder of the popular “Real World Blockchain” Meetup. As an active educator and community builder, Jason has facilitated numerous public speaking engagements on the topic of blockchain and event ticketing, including appearances at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Innovate Pasadena, BlockCon, and SF Music Tech Summit.

After years as a touring drummer, he founded Lost Midas, a music production company. While there, he negotiated recording, publishing, and live event agreements. He released several albums to critical acclaim by the BBC and NPR, and performed extensively across North America and the UK. In addition, Jason has composed original songs at BMG Production Music for high-profile TV shows on NBC, CBS, FOX, Netflix, and Showtime.