Sorin Moisa

MEP, European Parliament

Sorin Moisa, 41, is a Member of the European Parliament elected in Romania for the 2014-2019 legislature. He is a member of the centre-left political family (S&D), is serving in the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament and is a Member of the Delegation for Relations with the United States of America. He is also the Chairman of the Friends of Singapore Group in the European Parliament. On trade, he has responsibilities for North America, Eastern Europe and South East Asia, but he follows all major negotiations and is involved in the debate about the future of trade policy, globalisation and Europe’s stance in both. He was in charge of the Treaty between the EU and Canada (CETA) for his political group, and played a key role in its ratification by the European Parliament:

Sorin is passionate about the digital revolution and developments such as blockchain, and their disruptive and regenerative potential, given their capacity to generate direct links between individuals bypassing and/or forcing change on old and ineffective institutions. This, he places in the context of the wider quest for rebuilding trust in the institutions of liberal-democracy, and the EU, which he sees as one of the main challenges of our generation. 

One of the first major public presentations of the blockchain-based Ethereum project took place in Romania during a major high- level international conference on the trade negotiations between the EU and the US he organised in Bucharest on 16 October 2015: Other interests include energy policy, international security, the future of work. 

Before being an MEP, Sorin served as Deputy Chief of Staff to European Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos, being heavily involved in the latest reform of the Common European Policy. In the run-up to Romania’s accession to the EU in 2007, Sorin served, between 2002 and 2006, as political advisor to the European Commission Delegation in Bucharest. He began his career as a journalist. 

Sorin has a Doctorate in International Relations from the Oxford University, with a thesis focusing on the respective contributions of EU and domestic elites to the various successes and failures of democratic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe, notably Romania, during the EU’s enlargement process.