Dieter Sellner

Dieter Sellner

Senior Project Manager Digital Solutions, DB Schenker

Dieter develops DB Schenker’s strategy for using Blockchain technology and is co-ordinating the company’s global Blockchain activities.

And he is convinced about a few things:

1) There will be a widespread implementation of blockchain technology across supply chains enabling a way better coordination and collaboration of partners which will digitize many of today’s manual processes.

2) In 2019 the learning curve will show, when to apply blockchain approaches, and when to solve problems with existing technologies.

3) Driving efficiency is a key motivation for using any kind of technology and Blockchain promises to improve several aspects of today’s supply chain projects.


For DB Schenker it is important to clearly identify where we benefit from using a specific type of technology. We won’t use Blockchain in operations only to use Blockchain. Blockchain might challenge our business, however we see a lot of opportunities to improve our current business and to gain additional business by adopting and extending our business to Blockchain and related technologies. Who would have thought about something like WhatsApp in the early years of the internet when smartphones were science fiction?