Philipp Richard

Philipp Richard

Team Leader, Energy Systems and Digitalisation Berlin, German Energy – Agency dena

Mr. Richard graduated with a degree in industrial engineering from TU Berlin. He has been working at the German Energy Agency GmbH (dena) since 2011 and gained extensive management experience over the last 7 years.

Prior to his time at dena, Philipp Richard worked in the field of profitability calculation of medium and large power plants for the heat and power sector.

Philipp Richard is team leader in energy systems and digitalisation and is involved in various projects in the areas of smart metering, smart grid, blockchain, artificial intelligence and market and system integration of renewable energies.

To date, Philipp Richard has been involved in dena’s projects including the dena distribution grid study (2012) and the AG grid development plan (2012), and as a project manager, among others, the dena smart meter study (2013-2014), the pilot project Demand Side Management Bayern (2014 -2015) and a German-Chinese exchange of experience (2014-2015). Currently, Mr. Richard is in charge of the project “Analyzes and Dialogue Processes in Support of Digitization in Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” (2016-2018), a Working Group on the Dynamics of Digitization in the Digital Energy World Platform (2016) and he is in charge of all questions about “artificial intelligence” and “blockchain”.