Alex Bessonov

Founder and CEO, Bitclave

Alex is a Senior Engineering Leader and Executive with over 20 years of experience in the Software and Security Industry. Prior to founding BitClave, a blockchain startup, Alex has served as the Founder and General Manager at whiteCryption, a security and cryptography-oriented company. Alex led whiteCryption to millions of dollars of revenue, while at the same time amassing numerous Fortune 500 clients.


More recently, Alex has served as the Chief Security Officer at LG Electronics, overseeing all product lines as well as heading a large effort to remodel and centralize the company’s security team. In the past, Alex has also held multiple leadership and engineering positions at companies such as NXP, Microsoft, and eBay.


His corporate experience aside, Alex’s true passion is building teams and products. Alex currently holds advisory and mentorship roles in ventures such as Alchemist Accelerator, Draper University, .406 Ventures, and HMG Strategy, LLC.


Alex holds MSc and BSc degrees in Computer Science and Math from Technion and the University of Tel Aviv.