Daniil Girdea

Founder, Arcona

Daniil has more than 6 years of experience in working and investing in Real Estate & Construction business. Daniil is a serial entrepreneur recently having been concentrated on start-ups. He did his master’s in international relations at Institute of Political Studies and International Relations (Chisinau, Moldova) He has a huge coherent experience (starting as a sales manager at IT-Ippon in Chisinau and ending up with the position of top manager / corporate sales manager) but the area of Blockchain and XR technologies used to be new to him. Daniil came to Arcona through trial and error and ended up being desperately in love with the project. Apart from being investor Daniel develops and promotes the extraordinary concept of Arcona’s Digital Land. 

On being that engaged and having become a reputable expert in AR and its possibilities Daniil shares his knowledge and excitement about the Ecosystem of Arcona merging together real and virtual worlds. He performs at specialsed activities as a speaker all over the world. The number of Daniil’s pitches has already exceeded 300 threshold and keeps growing every day.