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At NAGA, we believe that the financial world is about to change. We build and shape companies of the future. We are on a mission to revolutionize the outdated banking sector.

The financial markets are about to change, and we embrace that.
The NAGA GROUP AG operates financial technology ventures with innovative business models. By offering a streamlined company building process we are able to pursue disruptive ideas in an organized and efficient manner. On our mission to revolutionize the outdated banking sector we follow particular values. We stand for disruptive concepts, an experienced team and a strong technology focus. We passionately believe in technology and that there is a solution to every problem. We want to ease banking services and make it accessible to everyone.
Within a short period of time, NAGA developed to a leading German FINTECH Group.
From day one we were focusing on creating value for our customers. NAGA specifically targets the untouched and inefficient financial market. NAGA was founded in October 2015 and since then experienced a rapid growth. We aim to bring the advantages of financial technology to the masses – making financial markets and virtual goods trading accessible to everyone.