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A new way to present, measure and monetize ads, secured through blockchain technology.

Vreo is developing digital advertising solutions that not only address current issues of in-game advertising, but also strive to consolidate brands, developers, and gamers with mechanisms that ensure a fair distribution of advertising benefits. Vreo will supply game developers and game publishers with plugins and algorithms for numerous game engines that greatly facilitate the dynamic placing of embedded ads on various platforms. In contrast to traditional in-game promotion like pop-ups, embedded ads blend in with the game‘s environment without disturbing the players experience.

Vreo’s plugins and algorithms for dynamic ad placement meticulously document not only the exact number of views but also the quality of each view. All view data gets processed through a Blockchain, reducing risk of manipulation and ad fraud through its features of immutability as well as digital profiles granting self-determined control. The latter also provides the possibility for gamers to be benefit from the whole advertising cycle through reward mechanisms.