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“Using the power of Blockchain technology for building customer-focused insurance and financial products while driving smart life, health and financial decisions by individuals and organizations.”

JDC B-LAB is an experimental blockchain lab – a subsidiary of JDC Group. With over 16,000 sales partners, around 1,200,000 end-customers, a portfolio of more than EUR 4.5 billion and around EUR 1.4 billion in insurance product sales each year, JDC Group is an established market leader in the European insurance broker industry and a leader in “advisortech”, that is Insurance Technology (InsurTech) for advisors, distributers and other intermediaries. JDC Group works for and on behalf of its clients. It helps them to identify their exposures and risks by understanding their businesses, by determining and advising what needs insuring and what can be managed in other ways. JDC Group has access to the entire variety of insurance products of the German and Austrian markets and the ability to represent its clients in dealing with the full range of the 220 insurance companies present.