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The Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry – where we come from.

Under the Umbrella of Orbit Logistics AG, the AZHOS AG and it’s idea was born 2017 when the value of our data as a VMI service provider increased drasticly with Blockchain Technology in the industry sector. While Orbit Logistiscs AG provides a modular System for electronic process data management and operates a global network with our own data processing centers, AZHOS uses the data as an Supply Chain Finance Enabler. A highly qualified team, consisting of over 40 engineers and technicians, offers custom all-in-one solutions for process monitoring and management. AZHOS AG is based in Liechtenstein and was founded by Orbit Logistics AG, Marcel Kuhs (CEO), Mathias Baer, István Cocron (CLLB Rechstanwälte München) and Dr. Julio Faura (Head of R&D; (Blockchain) at Banco Santander, Chairman Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and John McAfee (Advisor).